In Homeway we take care of everything so that you ENJOY your new home, prioritizing SERVICE and QUALITY, focused on the client so that you don´t need to dedicate time to the building of your new HOME.


    We DESIGN the types of houses, MANAGE all the necesary procedures and EXECUTE the building.

    Free yourself from worries, we guarantee TRANSPARENCY throughout the process so that you are free of problems.

Let's build your home together







Homeway Building Trust

In Homeway we want to establish a relationship of TRUST with each of our clients so they can know our differentiating value in the real estate market. 

We don´t want to simply sell houses, but offer a superior quality product, highly efficent, eco-friendly and advice you on every step you take on the complex way until you can enjoy your NEW HOME.

Thanks to the EXPERIENCE we have gained over the years, we know the difficulties of the process, and we want to facilitate everything so that you don´t have any problem, that is our job.

Our way of working

We offer you a PERSONALIZED pack of integral management to free you from all the problems that may arise throughout the process of building your NEW HOME.

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Personalized assistance

We guide you through every step of the way until you enjoy your new home. 

Search and selection of plots

We look for suitable plots in your areas of interest for the construction of your new home.

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Design homes

We create types of exclusive homes with great beauty with premium quality finishes

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Sustainability and energy efficiency

We are committed to the use of sustainable materials and the building of almost zero energy consumption housing.

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Building management

We fully budget, plan and execute the building of the house.

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Home automation and technology

We include in the facilities the most advanced technology for you to enjoy your smart and sustainable house.

See our selections of houses

Our team of professionals has completely designed each of these types of houses.

Every detail is designed to offer you a house with all the comforts, built with sustainable materials, designed to generate almost zero energy consumption and with the most advanced facilities for you to enjoy a smart home.

We offer you a selection of housing models: Village, Rustic, Urban and Country.

Choose the one you like and contact us.

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